Are You Walking the Synergy Walk and Don’t Know It?

Final Synergy Graphic_edited-1Anyone involved in social media may not realize it, but they are using synergy every day.  If you maintain multiple social accounts, you are a synergist.  Think about it.  You post a blog, then tweet about that blog, then post it to your Facebook page, use images to connect it to your Instagram account, add it to yur Linkedin pages, and on and on.  You are cross-promoting and linking back to the root item and stretching it as far as it will go in the universe of social media.  The same concept, when applied inside a business enironment, works equally well.  In fact, the same concept provided the foundation of the synergy program that I put in place at The Walt Disney Company back in the ’90s.  Although I’ve never seen the word “synergy” applied to social media marketing, it is there with a capital “S.”

Why not take that same social media communication methodology – communicating across different venues to achieve the maximum result –  and spread your word across the marketing spectrum of diverse business segments inside your own company?  Like using multiple social accounts to get the message out, set up an internal marketing communication system that touches every division of your organization.  Then  COMMUNICATE with them on a regular basis about every priority project you oversee.  Break down the silos that exist across all organizations with good information and allow a diversity of business segments to take ownership of a given root project.   They will communicate back to you with ideas that link their division to your project extending the marketing possibilities company wide, just as social media links track back to the original message.  Your prominence will rise and your profits will skyrocket.

Importantly, never assume that you, taking on the role of a center link to all marketing departments, know more about another division’s  business than they do.  The key to successful synergy when communicating across business sectors is to only plant the seeds of inspiration with your constituents, not tell them what to do.  Doing that is totally non-productive especially when none of those people report to you.  It has to be their idea, and given enough motivation and excitement stemming from the root project via an internal communication program, they will jump on your bandwagon.  Use infographics along the way to showcase the synergies across the company as they track back to you.  It’s a win-win.

Mktg Machine graphic for email_edited-1

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