Are You Really a Writer?

Hate Writing Quote_edited-2I don’t know if all writers feel this way, but I sure do.  Writing is hard.  As they say, facing that blank page is quite a challenge.

Of course, it is a challenge with great rewards.  You can fill that blank page with anything your heart desires.  Make it magical, funny, serious, educational, whimsical, whatever.  You hold the key to unlock the treasures of your mind to share with others in one form or another.  Lots of people start to write but never finish.  But crossing the finish line is what makes you a writer.

Sit down today.  Write something.  There’s no greater sense of accomplishment than finishing a piece that you’ve written.  The angst, frustration, and digging down deep in your brain that you will experience to complete the task will send you soaring.   I promise.

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