How Disney is Making Sure You’ll Never Be Able to Escape Star Wars

The following story, posted today on Wired Magazine’s website, was written by Julia Greenberg and focuses on Disney synergy.  As the author of the book “Inside the Disney Marketing Machine,” I was interviewed (along with others) for the story and one of my quotes was used.   With ABC, ESPN, and Lucasfilm, Disney’s reach goes far beyond its animated characters. Here’s a look at some of the company’s major divisions and products that shows how franchises like Star Wars are promoted across the Disney empire. When it comes to marketing, Disney has it almost too easy. Just consider the past few … Continue reading How Disney is Making Sure You’ll Never Be Able to Escape Star Wars


Will our administration and government ever get a grip on defending our country against islamic terrorism? Against importing Middle Eastern refugees by the tens of thousands that may well include terrorists among them? Will they ever understand that the majority of “We the People” want to fight back against these barbaric jihadists with the strength and resolve we have always put into action when needed whether for our own country or for our allies? I think it’s time to let them know, in a big way, using a discipline never expected to be used for such a purpose – marketing. … Continue reading “WE THE PEOPLE SPEAK” MARKETING CAMPAIGN

Do You Think That Synergy is Laughable?

“Synergy” is perhaps the most frowned up, derided, and misunderstood word in business today.  According to Webster, it is defined as the action of two or more entities to achieve an effect of which each individually is incapable. Integrated into a diversified business environment it can be a spark that ignites an extraordinary divisional cross-promotion, elevating projects to new heights and dizzying corporate profits.  In fact, the word “synergy” is so considered a foolish corporate buzzword that big business has chosen to disguise it with euphemisms that better capture the mindset of the 21st century such as “business intelligence,” “franchise … Continue reading Do You Think That Synergy is Laughable?