Inside the Disney Marketing Machine Nominated for Marketing Book of 2016


Book CoverInside the Disney Marketing Machine, a first person account of the marketing and synergy strategies employed at the world’s #1 entertainment company has been nominated for Marketing Book of the Year 2016 by M&SB (Marketing & Sales Books), the global source and authority on marketing & sales knowledge and know-how.

Written as a first-person account by former Disney marketing executive, Lorraine Santoli, the book details the marketing and synergy strategies employed in the era of Michael Eisner and Frank Wells’ leadership (1980s & ’90s), a time when the entertainment giant experienced explosive corporate growth.  Interviews with high ranking Disney marketing, entertainment and creative executives provide valuable insight into the process of devising wildly imaginative marketing campaigns that paid off big time when it came to boosting the bottom line to stratospheric levels.

In Inside the Disney Marketing Machine, Santoli shows you what it was like to revitalize a company that is today’s #1 media giant. The story is told with humor, knowledge, and insightful marketing expertise only available to someone who was there.  Read it and:

  • Learn how creative marketing campaigns that led to big box office payoffs for new Disney films were derived.
  • Experience theme park events that broke attendance records and the creativity and management process behind them.
  • Understand how Michael Eisner used Walt Disney’s original integrative marketing methodologies to support his own marketing mission.
  • Read how a formal synergy program was developed to bring every faction of Disney into the collaborative fold.
  • Examine the silo-busting techniques that put every business segment on the same page.

And have some fun too:

  • Laugh about the real-life ducks that thought Donald Duck was their mother and followed him everywhere.
  • See how a cow with a Mickey Mouse marking on its side became the most photographed bovine in history.
  • Go inside Elizabeth Taylor’s private 60th birthday party at Disneyland.
  • Learn how the words “I’m going to Disneyland!” sparked the most famous Disney marketing campaign of all.

In sum, come inside the world’s most powerful marketing machine and see how Disney really made its magic in Inside the Disney Marketing Machine, nominated for Marketing Book of the Year 2016.

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