Where is Rocky When You Need Him?

Have you ever seen such a knocked down, dragged out fight outside of the ring as the nasty public battle that continues to ensue between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for the Republican presidential nomination?  They have given new meaning to the words “tabloid politics.” I’m beginning to feel a little sorry for the Hollywood druggies, alcoholics, adulterers, and divas who usually adorn the front pages of the tabloids along with stories of alien sightings and the hidden secrets of Area 51. Trump and Cruz have knocked them all off the covers as we witness an alien encounter of our … Continue reading Where is Rocky When You Need Him?


On March 25 my 23 year-old nephew, Robert Santoli, appeared as a contestant on television’s popular game show, Wheel of Fortune.  And although the episode had been recorded nearly two months earlier he kept his outcome a secret, not even sharing how he did with family and friends (other than his mom and dad who accompanied him to the show).  He wanted us all to experience the result when the show actually aired just a week ago. As it turns out, not only did he become the big winner of the day ($76,086 and two cruises), but his appearance became … Continue reading DOES PREPARATION COUNT? YOU BET IT DOES!