Where is Rocky When You Need Him?


Have you ever seen such a knocked down, dragged out fight outside of the ring as the nasty public battle that continues to ensue between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for the Republican presidential nomination?  They have given new meaning to the words “tabloid politics.”

I’m beginning to feel a little sorry for the Hollywood druggies, alcoholics, adulterers, and divas who usually adorn the front pages of the tabloids along with stories of alien sightings and the hidden secrets of Area 51. Trump and Cruz have knocked them all off the covers as we witness an alien encounter of our own – the billionaire businessman who must win at everything and a  Canadian born American constitutionalist who feigns indignation at every turn.  On the alien side, Cruz does seem a bit reptilian don’t you think?

We need Rocky to jump in the ring and knock out the two of them to untangle their brains and rework the synapses.  Maybe then we could have a more normalized dialogue that focuses on the important issues that face us as a country.  Of course it wouldn’t be as much fun to watch but at least those of the Republican persuasion could make a choice based on their platforms not their pugilistic barbs.

Of course, the Democrats have problems of their own too.  Hillary, the self-appointed gender war spokesperson and ultimate establishment insider who claims to be anything but, and the funny, cranky, and somehow endearing Bernie Sanders, the underdog and young people’s svengali who offers free college tuition and no-cost medical care for all.  Plus, is the Bernie we see on TV really Bernie Sanders or is it Larry David impersonating Bernie Sanders or Bernie Sanders impersonating Larry David?  I can’t tell the difference.

Amazing that with over 300 million people in this country, this is the best we could do.  Maybe we need Rocky to knock some sense into all of us.

# # # # #

Lorraine Santoli is the former Director of Corporate Synergy for The Walt Disney Company, author of the book, Inside the Disney Marketing Machine, and public speaker. 

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