Hate Synergy? Discover the Hidden Magic Behind the Word.

Synergy may be of the most detested buzzwords in American business.  But why such a bad rap?  As the former Director of Corporate Synergy for The Walt Disney Company, I suspect it’s because no one really understands how to put the concept into action and insure accountability for results. Under the leadership of Michael Eisner and Frank Wells, both open-minded executives that understood the value of synergy as an actionable reality, I created the tools that underpinned Disney’s amazing success cross-promoting its products from within, from films to television to theme parks.  Developed was a detailed relational and transactional process … Continue reading Hate Synergy? Discover the Hidden Magic Behind the Word.

Do You Think That Synergy is Laughable?

“Synergy” is perhaps the most frowned up, derided, and misunderstood word in business today.  According to Webster, it is defined as the action of two or more entities to achieve an effect of which each individually is incapable. Integrated into a diversified business environment it can be a spark that ignites an extraordinary divisional cross-promotion, elevating projects to new heights and dizzying corporate profits.  In fact, the word “synergy” is so considered a foolish corporate buzzword that big business has chosen to disguise it with euphemisms that better capture the mindset of the 21st century such as “business intelligence,” “franchise … Continue reading Do You Think That Synergy is Laughable?