Where is Rocky When You Need Him?

Have you ever seen such a knocked down, dragged out fight outside of the ring as the nasty public battle that continues to ensue between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for the Republican presidential nomination?  They have given new meaning to the words “tabloid politics.” I’m beginning to feel a little sorry for the Hollywood druggies, alcoholics, adulterers, and divas who usually adorn the front pages of the tabloids along with stories of alien sightings and the hidden secrets of Area 51. Trump and Cruz have knocked them all off the covers as we witness an alien encounter of our … Continue reading Where is Rocky When You Need Him?

Trump’s Power Play Elevates Marketing to “X Games” Levels

I am a marketer.  In fact, in July 2015 my book, Inside the Disney Marketing Machine was released.  I know marketing.  But never have I seen marketing expertise taken to greater heights than what Donald Trump has employed vs. his opponents, particularly the tactics being utilized with his current headline grabbing feud with Fox News and the Iowa debate.  To me, it’s less about watching a presidential candidate battle than having a ringside seat to the “Marketing X Games.” I am not advocating for the candidate here.  I’m just pointing out how important marketing is to any business, product, place, … Continue reading Trump’s Power Play Elevates Marketing to “X Games” Levels